Mo Yong, General Manager of Shaanxi Construction Group, led a team to visit Hangzhou to add new materials


2022-11-08 11:29

On the afternoon of July 6th, Mo Yong, General Manager of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Construction Group"), led a team to inspect and visit the headquarters of Hangjia New Materials. Zhang Zhangsheng, CEO of Fuchun Holdings Group, Li Kekuan, President of Hangjia New Materials, Zhang Xiaohai, General Manager of Yushan Base, and Tian Chengyu, Director of Human Resources and Administration, warmly received them.




This time, General Manager Mo Yong and his delegation led a team to Hangzhou and also inspected other industries under Fuchun Holdings Group, including Fuchun Rehabilitation Smart Industrial Park (Zhejiang University Rehabilitation Hospital), Zhang Xiaoquan Shares, Ruyi Warehouse, Fuchun Shanju Resort, Dongfang Maokaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, etc. Chairman Zhang Guobiao, CEO Zhang Zhangsheng, and major leaders of various industries gave warm receptions.

Through this inspection and exchange, Shaanxi Construction Group has gained a deeper and comprehensive understanding of Fuchun Holdings Group and Hangjia New Materials, laying the foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.



Shaanxi Construction Co., Ltd. is a core enterprise of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., Ltd., listed on the A-share market (600248). It has 9 special level qualifications for general contracting of construction projects, 4 special level qualifications for general contracting of municipal public engineering construction, 1 special level qualification for general contracting of petrochemical engineering construction, 1 special level qualification for general contracting of highway engineering construction, 17 first-class design qualifications, and overseas operation rights. It is a large provincial comprehensive enterprise group with engineering investment The general contracting ability integrating survey, design, construction, and management.

The parent company Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1950 and is a state-owned wholly-owned enterprise directly under the Shaanxi Provincial Government with a registered capital of 5.1 billion yuan. It has international engineering contracting, construction industry investment, urban rail transit, steel structure production and installation, engineering decoration and installation, ancient architecture and landscaping, boiler research and development production, real estate development and construction, petrochemical design and construction, e-commerce logistics supply, building material production and distribution Industries such as education, scientific research, and cultivation.

With its strong strength, Shaanxi Construction Engineering ranks 15th among the ENR Global Contractors 250, 163rd among the Chinese Enterprises 500, 86th among the Chinese Listed Companies 500, and 5th among the Chinese Construction Industry Competitiveness 200. Shaanxi Construction Engineering currently has over 10000 people with various intermediate and senior technical titles, including 139 professors with senior titles and 2583 senior titles; 1、 There are 7662 second-level construction engineers, with outstanding talent resources in engineering construction in the western region and a leading position in provincial-level construction groups across the country.