HGA New Materials 2022 Half Year Work Conference Held


2022-07-16 00:00

      On July 24th, the 2022 semi-annual work conference with the theme of "Seeking Survival, Seeking Development, Building Advantages, and Expanding the Grand Plan" was held at Hangjia Headquarters. More than 50 people, including Zhang Guobiao, Chairman of Fuchun Holdings Group, Chen Liang, General Manager of the Group's Strategic Operations Center, Li Kekuan, President of Hangjia New Materials, Xiong Haidong, Vice President, Xiang Qingchun, and leaders of various headquarters lines, general managers of subsidiaries, and management personnel at or above M8 level at Hangjia Headquarters, attended the conference on-site.



       Amidst enthusiastic applause, the meeting came to a successful conclusion and the attendees took a group photo as a souvenir. I believe that through the spirit transmission and specific deployment of this meeting, the work in the second half of the year will set off a new climax!