Jiangshan Intelligent Supply Chain Operation Center has a fixed investment of 2.15 billion yuan, mainly planning and constructing four functional areas: supply chain operation functional area, offline exhibition and sales functional area, office and data service area, and life assistance functional area. It integrates functional facilities such as e-commerce order processing center, supply chain financial warehouse distribution center, cold chain warehousing and distribution center, display experience center, e-commerce office center, big data analysis center, and settlement center, After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected that the annual main business income will reach over 800 million yuan. The Jiangshan Intelligent Supply Chain Operation Center project mainly focuses on warehousing and distribution, and the operation is mainly committed to solving several problems: firstly, providing regional warehousing and distribution for JD, Vipshop, Cainiao, and others; The second is to solve the warehousing and raw material supply of large enterprises in local and surrounding counties and cities; The third is to provide warehousing and distribution services for local e-commerce enterprises. This project not only provides the distribution of daily necessities, but also includes industrial raw material supply and finished product warehousing and distribution, making it a typical supply chain logistics project.