Leshan Hangjia's first batch of AAC sheet material trial production has been successful, officially launching the "order receiving mode"!


2021-08-08 16:19

        After a year of "dormancy" and polishing, recently, Leshan Hangjia Energy Saving New Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Leshan Hangjia") has finally ushered in a major event in the company's development history,The first batch of AAC board has successfully completed the feeding trial production and flashed out of the kettle. The company has officially entered the "order taking mode" and can produce various specifications of AAC boards and high-precision blocks in bulk. In the future, it will continuously release its accumulated production capacity.



      Looking forward to the future, the development prospects of AAC wall material industry in the southwest region are foreseeable! Four major production bases for Hangjia New Materials in Southwest China (Sichuan Hangjia Kunzheng, Sichuan Hangjia Hanyu, Leshan Hangjia, and Kunming Jiading Boshi)We will rely on advanced technological and brand advantages, seize market opportunities, optimize products, provide excellent services, and strengthen the market!


         As the latest production base for Hangjia's new materials, Leshan Hangjia is currently "nurturing its strength and accumulating its resources", fully responding to the production capacity situation after the project is put into operation, striving to enter the shining "Hangjia state" at the fastest speed.