President Li Kekuan led a team to comfort the construction personnel of Hangzhou Health Station


2022-05-26 15:03

On May 22nd, under scorching sun, a delegation led by President Li Kekuan, Director of Human Resources and Administration Tian Chengyu, and Manager of Administrative Management Li Xiaoju drove over 70 kilometers to the construction site of Hangzhou Health Post Station project. They went deep into the construction line, sent warmth and care, and had in-depth exchanges with the on-site team leaders of Hangjia, encouraging everyone to work hard, fulfill their mission, and win glory for Hangjia.


Hangzhou Health Station is the second large-scale health station project participated by Hangjia New Materials after Xiamen International Health Station. The AAC board produced by Hangjia has advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and fast installation, which perfectly matches the construction needs of the health station.