Hangzhou Hangjia Zetong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Hangjia Zetong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Hangjia Zetong Building Energy Saving New Materials Co., Ltd. in the fields of installation, decoration, and decoration.

The company has long invested in ALC plate application research and development, assembly technology transfer, scheme deepening design, key node innovation, rapid assembly, after-sales service, and integration of design and assembly, including one-stop services such as deepening design, drawing, construction management, assembly, construction period, safety, detection, acceptance, and finishing, and is responsible for the lifelong maintenance of prefabricated building. In addition, through cooperation with Vanke Construction Research Institute, Zhejiang University, etc., we have systematically solved the problem of easy cracking of ALC panels in the application of residential interior partitions, opened up a vast blue ocean market for the application of ALC panels in residential interior partitions, and also established Hangjia's industry leadership position! Hangjia has become a designated brand for many well-known large real estate enterprises, such as Vanke, Country Garden, Green City, Xuhui, Yajule, Longhu, etc. Due to the high quality and minimal color difference of Hangjia ALC boards, they are widely popular in the logistics real estate industry and have become numerous designated brands for logistics real estate, such as Cainiao, Prolos, Suning Yunshang, Jiamin, Shangshen, Lingang, Ruyi Warehouse, and so on. It is also a designated brand and long-term supplier in prefabricated building industry, such as Yuanda, Zhongmin Zhuyou, Baoye, Zhongtian Construction and steel structure industry, such as Hangxiao, Southeast, Seiko, etc. At present, Hangjia only supplies nearly 1 million square meters of Vanke ALC boards per year.

The company strives for innovation, adheres to the use of advanced process technology, product formulas, installation processes, and installation quality in the industry, uses high-quality raw materials and assembly, and strives to create intelligent green manufacturing. The improvement of product quality and the establishment of the overall brand of "Hangjia" have laid a solid foundation.