Hiring of HGA New Materials Phase III New Factory Building


2023-03-22 14:43

Factory situation: In the Hangjia New Materials Factory Area of Yushan Industrial Park in Fuyang District, the factory is equipped with cranes, which can be used for production, operation, warehouse, and other purposes, making it easy for trucks to enter and exit. It includes two factories, with a floor height of 12m. The area of Factory 1 is about 14000m2 (with cranes), and the area of Factory 2 is about 2000m2 (with cranes)

Advantages: 1. The geographical location is superior, with convenient surrounding transportation and a peaceful environment. It is adjacent to National Highway 235 (Chunyong Line) and is only a 25 minute drive from Fuyang High Speed Railway Station and Fuyang Passenger Station.

2. The factory is clean, spacious and bright, with complete water, electricity, and other supporting facilities. The management system is complete, and there are security personnel patrolling 24 hours a day.