Hangjia Breakthrough Again, Joining Hands with China Nuclear Power


2017-07-13 00:00

      By chance, an elderly man left a legend by the Fuchun River!

      In early June, Professor Shen Huaying from Tongji University, led by friends, came from Greater Shanghai to visit and inspect the beautiful Fuchun River. A few hours of wind and dust did not overwhelm the 80 year old man. As soon as Shen got out of the car, he enthusiastically walked into the workshop. The automated production line, advanced technology and technology, the bustling workshop, and excellent product quality were praised by the silicate expert Shen Lao!

      Subsequently, the group arrived at the Hangjia conference room, where Xiong Haidong, the general manager of Hangjia, gave a report, introducing Fuchun Holdings Group, Hangjia, and Zetong, and emphasizing the research and development achievements of Hangjia ALC products in the past two years: breaking through the technical problem of cracking ALC panels in residential partitions, widely used in well-known real estate projects such as Vanke and Huafa, and developing PC+ALC composite board patented products, It is expected to take the lead in solving the problem of exterior wall panels in high-rise buildings. The achievements and exquisite engineering cases left a deep impression on Shen Lao! Speaking of fate, Shen Lao was actually the mentor of Mr. Zhang Xiong, a famous professor at Tongji University, and Professor Zhang was the earliest chief consultant of Hangjia. Shen Lao is humorous and witty, with witty words like pearls. He also specifically revealed a secret of aerated concrete: in addition to its excellent fire resistance, aerated concrete products also have the characteristic of not bursting at high temperatures, which can be used for protective walls in nuclear power plants. This characteristic is not possessed by concrete. Shen Lao and Mr. Xiong had a great conversation, but they hated each other for meeting too late and formed a deep friendship.

      At the end of June, there was good news from China Nuclear Power Corporation that Hangjia, as the only designated brand, was the only supplier of wall materials for the K2K3 nuclear power project in Karachi, Pakistan.

      Hangjia felt deeply responsible and immediately held a kickoff meeting. At the meeting, the Hangjia team unanimously agreed that it is necessary to use the best raw materials, the best formula, and the strictest technology to produce the best products, meet the strict standards of China's nuclear power, and add color to the friendship between China and Pakistan.

       The morning of July 13th was a memorable day. The sun is shining brightly, under the blue sky and white clouds, the first batch of 8 large trucks were loaded with Hangjia products, dressed in red and decorated in rows. Under the command of Mr. Xiong, firecrackers were set off, fireworks were in full swing, and the convoy sailed out of the Hangjia factory area, running towards the distance along the misty Fuchun River!