Leaders of Zhejiang Construction Group Visited Yushan Base for Inspection and Negotiation of Cooperation


2018-03-08 00:00

       On the afternoon of March 2nd, Chen Guobao, General Manager of Zhejiang Building Materials Group Company, accompanied by Wang Dilong and Lou Yingping, Vice General Managers, Yu Lianfeng, Chairman of Building Materials Group Branch, and Wang Wei, General Manager, and a delegation of five, accompanied by Yu Binrong, General Manager of Jianye Technology of Fuchun Holdings Group, and Xiong Haidong, General Manager of Yushan Base, visited the Yushan Production Base of Fuchun Holdings Group for research. Zhang Zhangsheng, President of Fuchun Holdings Group, accompanied the reception.
       Accompanied by the President, guests from Building Materials Group visited the comprehensive management area of Yushan Base, the manufacturing workshop of new building materials autoclaved aerated concrete products, finished product warehouse area, logistics storage and transportation area, PC pre product display area, and mold manufacturing area. The President gave a detailed introduction to the enterprise product system, marketing overview, research and development team, production and manufacturing, and enterprise development planning of Yushan Base, Guests have gained a deeper understanding of the corporate philosophy of Yushan Base and fully recognized its outstanding strength in the field of ALC sheet development. Through further negotiations, leaders of both sides expressed optimism about the future prospects of cooperation. They have preliminarily reached an intention to cooperate in ALC sheet strategy and PC mold, and hope for further discussions and exchanges in the future. (Pan Lujiao from Yushan Base)