Sohu Net: Transforming the Old and Innovating, Leveraging the fulcrum of leapfrog development - Part 2 of the transformation and development tour of Hangjia Building Materials


2019-03-01 00:00

       Recently, Hangjia Building Materials has ushered in a major event in its development history. The commencement ceremony of the Hangjia (Hubei) Building Energy Saving New Materials Project was grandly held at the construction site of the Hangjia Base in Hanchuan Economic Development Zone, Hubei. The project covers an area of 150 acres. After completion, it is expected to produce 800000 cubic meters of autoclaved aerated concrete panels/blocks and prefabricated component products annually.
       It is understood that the project aims to develop the new prefabricated green building materials encouraged and promoted by the state with a high starting point, a high position and a high standard, and strive to become the leading enterprise in the domestic industry of new prefabricated building parts and wall materials, so as to achieve the first-class production line equipment automation level, first-class information management level and first-class product quality.
 The "two-step approach" revitalizes the marketing system of enterprises
     In 2017, Hangjia also did two other things of special significance. First, it broke the exclusive agent system. Second, it made reasonable adjustments to the market prices of Hangjia products.
    Mr. Xiong admitted that the exclusive agent operation model implemented by the company at that time was very unfavorable for the marketing layout. But at that time, it took a lot of courage and courage to break this deadlock. Because if the restructuring is not done properly, it may lead to serious consequences such as factory closure.

     In such a situation, the company's management did not give up or give up, braved enormous pressure and difficulties to actively promote reform, and finally successfully broke the exclusive agency system and reorganized the inefficient and rigid marketing team. At the same time, a strong and efficient marketing system has also been formed, and multiple large orders have been won at once. As the general manager, Mr. Xiong Haidong took the lead and fought on the front line of the market, winning many orders for the company.

     With the significant improvement of product quality and market reputation, if the product price remains at the original level, it not only does not comply with market rules, but also is not conducive to the improvement of brand image and deep expansion of the market. "Mr. Xiong said, in fact, it is the hard truth of" one penny, one penny ". Hangjia not only needs to strictly and reasonably price, but also needs to make the product quality the most ideal state. Based on this, the company patiently explained the issue of product price adjustment to all B-end brand customers at that time. It is gratifying that this move not only did not encounter opposition, but also received support and praise from customers.

     After more than a year of deep surpassing, Hangjia Building Materials quickly transformed from a building materials enterprise that was not well-known in the industry to a leading enterprise in domestic ALC sheet manufacturing, building integrated system solutions, and engineering services.

      In 2017, the company's sales growth rate reached 260%, with annual sales of ALC panels ranking among the top three in the country and ACB block sales ranking among the top five in the country. And its Zetong Mold has also developed into the most influential and competitive PC mold manufacturer in China. The PC mold production line is in an advanced position in China and can produce patented products such as PC+ALC composite integral wall panels, steel plate+ALC composite shear wall panels on a large scale.
      In fact, we only completed the leap that originally took three years in just over a year, "Mr. Xiong proudly said. The company is currently making new work arrangements according to the strategic plan of Fuchun Holdings Group for Hangjia and plans to implement the" Five Year Strategy "nationwide. It is expected to become an excellent ALC sheet metal enterprise in China by 2020.
       It is understood that Hangjia Company is currently further expanding its "territory". In addition to the Hubei base, the company is also actively preparing for the expansion of building materials factories in Guangdong, Guangxi, Chengdu, and other places. The Guangdong base project is about to start construction in the near future.
   Postscript: Whether it's branding or marketing, product quality is undoubtedly the most persuasive asset. In the previous two reports, it was mentioned that Hangjia Building Materials has made bold technological reforms to enter the market and promote strategic layout, thereby improving product quality. So, how did Hangjia Building Materials specifically promote these works? What specific achievements have been made in process technology reform and product quality construction?

     Please pay attention to the upcoming third issue of the Hangjia Building Materials Transformation and Development Tour, titled "Valuing Quality and Trustworthiness, Making Hangjia a Super" Expert "in the Whole Industry," for specific interpretation content

     (Article source: Sohu News)