The first page of Entrepreneur Daily features a prominent report on the signing of the Guangxi Hangjia Base project


2019-03-08 00:00

       Recently, Guigang City in Guangxi and Hangjia New Materials officially signed the Guangxi Hangjia Project. This project is the third key project launched by Hangjia New Materials after the construction of the Hangjia (Hubei) base and Hangjia (Guangdong) base projects. After the project was signed, it received widespread attention from various sectors of society and relevant media.

       On March 7th, Entrepreneur Daily prominently published a message titled "Guangxi Hangjia New Material Project officially signed" on its first page, reporting on the signing of the project and receiving praise from netizens.

       It is reported that "Entrepreneur Daily", formerly known as "Manager Daily", is the only national large-scale economic daily newspaper in China that is publicly distributed domestically and internationally, directly targeting factory managers, enterprise management personnel, and government economic authorities nationwide. It covers the entire corporate and economic sectors, and is an authoritative news media with great penetration and influence on China's economic life.

       It is also reported that media platforms such as Tencent Daily Express and 360 Quick Information have also tracked and reported on the signing of the project.