Sina Finance: What is the length of Hangjia blocks exported to Pakistan?


2019-07-15 00:00

        Recently, Hangjia New Materials, the second batch of wall materials specially made for the Pakistan Karachi K2K3 nuclear power project assisted by CNNC, Hangjia blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete blocks) were completed on schedule and shipped from Fuyang, Hangzhou, to Pakistan in a mighty manner for the construction of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant unit project in Pakistan. This is another batch of high-quality products exported to Pakistan, following the first batch of high-quality blocks specially made by Hangjia for the project in July 2017.
The inspector is conducting compressive strength testing on the finished product

After a series of strict factory inspections and product packaging, this specially made Hangjia block was successfully "introduced".

(Reported by Sina Finance on July 13, 2019)