Yushan Production Base Wins a Good Start in 2017


2017-03-10 00:00

      At the beginning of February 2017, Fuyang Hangjia got off to a good start in the domestic market. With its excellent product quality, outstanding brand effect and perfect marketing service system, it officially joined the Pross supplier list, and successfully obtained the qualification to participate in the construction of the logistics warehouse of Pross with an annual area of nearly 3 million square meters. At the same time, it also signed large quantities of ALC sheet orders with Xintiandi and Xinqingcheng Renewable Resources, On the third day of the inspection at Zhuhai Vanke's Yushan production base, we placed an order for 2000 cubic meters of ALC board and will continue to place orders for no less than 20000 cubic meters of board. As of mid February, the board order volume at the Yushan production base has exceeded the sales volume for the entire year of 2016, making it a red start to the year.

      Autoclaved aerated concrete products adapt to the economic development trend of energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection. In the face of large quantities of plate orders and good news, Chairman Yu Binrong and General Manager Xiong Haidong specially convened some employees to share a number of gratifying achievements, made corresponding arrangements on the good situation in 2017, and made speeches respectively. The words of grounding inspired the employees present to fight, Quickly entering the working state, in 2017, when the situation was severe, Fuyang Hangjia truly implemented the quality creed in various aspects such as research and development, production, management, marketing, and service, effectively taking responsibility for users, continuously achieving new breakthroughs in the market, and achieving an upward trend despite the entire industry not recovering. The good start at the beginning of the year laid the foundation for Fuyang Hangjia's continuous breakthrough in annual sales, Fuyang Hangjia will seize the favorable policy opportunities of the building materials industry, and after successfully exporting Hangjia ALC sheets to Australia, it will fully open up the domestic market through multiple channels and achieve a win-win situation with sustainable development.

      It is reported that the newly established Zetong Mould Company in Yushan Production Base has also quickly opened its normal operation mode and obtained the steel structure project of Xintiandi floor slab. Under the good situation that various plates are everywhere, the Yushan Production Base has quickly set off an upsurge of real work, focusing on the environment, projects and implementation, rolling up the sleeves to work hard, and accelerating the leap forward development of Yushan Production Base.

      Subsequent: On February 10, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on the "Action Plan for the Promotion and Application of New Wall Materials", pointing out the need to develop green and new wall materials, enhance the level of green, circular, and low-carbon development of the wall material industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry. By 2020, the production of new wall materials will account for 80% of the total wall material production, with prefabricated wall panel components accounting for 20%; The application proportion of new wall materials in new buildings reaches 90%. Fuyang Hangjia will ride the waves and sail far in the rapidly rising ocean of new building materials.