Foshan Vanke and his delegation visited and inspected the Yushan Base


2017-06-06 00:00

      On May 22nd, Foshan Vanke and his team visited the Hangjia New Building Materials and Residential Component Industry Park located in Yushan, Fuyang. They visited the ALC board and block production workshop, the Zetong mold production workshop, and the PC integrated board production line in the newly built Phase III factory. Xiong Haidong, General Manager of Yushan Production Base, gave a detailed introduction to the visiting guests. When showcasing the production process and equipment process of new building materials, General Manager Xiong emphasized that the artistic carving of deep processing of boards is a characteristic of Hangjia Building Materials, and the carved boards are particularly beautiful when applied to office walls. Hangjia, as a provider of green building materials and services, has a unique presence in the field of building materials. Currently, it has provided a large number of warehouse firewall materials for Cainiao.