From the perspective of the "Fuchun Cup" table tennis match


2018-04-25 00:00

       On April 25, 2018, in order to promote Fuchun culture and better enhance corporate cohesion, Fuchun Group held the 8th "Fuchun Cup" table tennis tournament, in which 48 players from 12 teams participated. And this is also my third day entering our company, and this ball game left a deep impression on me. I remember that day, Mr. Han led the team, and the four participants from the company, along with me as a liaison, went to the competition venue in a grand manner. Just entering the competition venue, my first thought was: Fuchun Holdings is so big. In a table tennis match, there were so many companies participating, and so many people participating. Big companies are big companies. At the same time, it also gave me a boost to work in my new unit, Hangjia.

       During the competition, I saw friendliness and competition from various teams. During the competition, I heard a team member from Fuchun Shanju say, 'I won the championship the year before last, lost last year, and didn't win the championship. I must win it back this year.'. I still don't know this team member, but his words left a deep impression on me, with such courage and passionate attitude. For them, participating in table tennis matches is not just a burden or a job, but also an enjoyment, a feast, and a manifestation of their self-worth. When people do things they enjoy, their eyes shine, and I see this light in the eyes of the participating team members.

       The competition is tense and orderly, with a colorful venue. Strong players from all walks of life emerge in the competition, including racquet, racquet, spike, spin, and curve shots. The contestants' spirit of actively striving and never giving up sparked the climax of the competition, with endless applause and cheers. As a liaison officer at Yushan Base, I am responsible for refueling and delivering water to the team members. Before I was familiar with the company's personnel, team member Zhong Zhefang left a deep impression on me. In the second match, she met Zhang Xiaoquan's team in the women's singles at Yushan Base. It is said that she was the champion of last year's women's singles. At first, facing such a strong opponent, Zhong Zhefang was timid in her heart. In the first game, she played abnormally and lost points consecutively, but in the second game, she immediately adjusted her mentality and started catching up, Although he still lost in the end, Zhong Zefang said, "In the first game, he was timid. Later, he adjusted his mentality and found that the opponent was not so scary. He tried harder this year and compared with her next year." He won, showing the demeanor of a winner without arrogance. If he failed, he was not discouraged, summarized the reasons for his failure, and stood up next time. It is this attitude that makes me feel sincerely admire.

       The successful implementation of this event not only provides a platform for employees to exchange and exchange skills, but also stimulates everyone's enthusiasm for striving and striving in work and life, further driving all employees to strengthen their physique, boost their spirit, and gather strength.