Goodbye, UFO!


2018-05-25 00:00

      Hello, Manager Zhang? I am Xiaoxu who is here to apply. I have already arrived by the Yushan River. May I know the way to your company

      Get off the bus stop and walk along the river for about 500 meters. When you look up, you see a tall water tower like a flying saucer, which is our company

      This is my first impression of the Yushan Base, with a water tower resembling a flying saucer!

      Time flies, like a fleeting moment. In the blink of an eye, 5 years have passed quickly. Looking back on when I first joined the company's finished product department in 2013, a colleague in the office who worked as a logistics dispatcher always used water towers as various metaphors whenever a truck driver called to inquire about the pickup address, such as flying saucers, mushrooms, clouds, Every time they make us laugh happily.

      Later, the dispatcher changed jobs, and the finished product department was merged into the planning and performance department. I was also transferred to the procurement department as a procurement specialist. It was already my sixth year, and this year, the large water tower that followed the Yushan base all the way was also demolished under the policy of road expansion.

      I remember that day, all my colleagues who had worked at the Yushan Base for a few years forwarded a small video of the water tower falling to their friends' circle, and I was also in it. I think everyone didn't just think it was spectacular, but I still have feelings in my heart.

      Year after year, flowers are similar, but people are different from year to year. No one or thing can remain unchanged forever.

      Accompanied by the demolition of the Great Water Tower, it was also a year of significant transformation and development for our Yushan Base.

      In 2018, the production line of Hangzhou Fuyang Hangjia New Building Materials Co., Ltd. in Yushan Base was dismantled, and the second production line for mold production was added. At the same time, the company plans to expand its building materials factories in many cities such as Wuhan, Guangdong, and Chengdu, with nationwide deployment and significant actions. We firmly believe that with the country's emphasis on environmental protection, our environmentally friendly building materials will definitely achieve good development, which can bring us Fuyang Hangjia Hangzhou Zetong's brand is doing even more loudly.

      With the development of the company, the company is constantly recruiting talents. The office has attracted a lot of fresh blood, and salespeople often come in to say that the office is now full of new faces. I think I am also the result of the company's strong efforts to change.

      During the period from 2017 to 2018, with the increasingly strict national environmental protection requirements, our procurement of raw materials was also greatly affected. The first was the increasing shortage of cement and lime, which had reached a point where there was no market at all. By the end of last year, the price of cement had skyrocketed to 600 yuan/ton, and this year, the price of lime had also risen rapidly, reaching a maximum of 655 yuan/ton.

      Faced with such high procurement prices, our procurement department has had to come up with corresponding strategies. We inquire about the source of goods, compare prices, make payments, and strive for the lowest price to ensure the normal operation of the company's production. I think our work also needs to make different changes according to different environments.

      No matter how the environment changes, as long as our original intention remains unchanged, the company will definitely get better and better.