Qiu Xingu, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Hangzhou Municipal Construction Commission, led a team to investigate Hangjia Building Materials


2018-12-27 00:00

On December 26th, Qiu Xingu, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Hangzhou Urban Rural Development Commission, led relevant leaders from the Design Department, Market Department, Energy Conservation Technology Department, as well as the Office of the Municipal Building Industrialization Leading Group and the Municipal Material Procurement Center of the Hangzhou Municipal Construction Commission, to visit Hangjia Building Materials for on-site research. Zhang Zhangsheng, President of Fuchun Holdings Group, and others accompanied the research.

Deputy Director Qiu Xingu and his team inspected key areas such as the autoclaved aerated concrete product workshop, finished product warehouse, PC mold workshop, and experimental research and development center of Hangjia, focusing on understanding the process flow and technological innovation of Hangjia's ALC and ACB products.

At the subsequent symposium, President Zhang Zhangsheng of Fuchun Holding Group and others introduced the development overview, future planning, market sales and other contents of Hangjia in detail to the research group, and proposed the actual problems encountered by the enterprise in the development process and the projects that need support and assistance from the government departments, including the relocation of new production lines, and the promotion of the application of ALC plates in prefabricated building.

Deputy Director Qiu Xingu first fully recognized the contributions made by Hangjia Building Materials to the economic development and construction industry of Hangzhou in recent years, and highly praised the significant changes made by Hangjia in just a few years, as well as the outstanding achievements made in process technology reform, product quality improvement, and market layout. At the same time, he and the research team members provided detailed answers to the relevant problems raised by the enterprise.

Deputy Director Qiu Xingu stated that an important purpose of this research visit to Hangjia is to gain a detailed understanding of the actual development of the enterprise and provide relevant services to help solve the difficulties encountered in the development process. At the same time, it stated that it will establish a new type of "pro" and "clean" political and business relationship with enterprises through "close ties and connections", promoting the transformation, upgrading, and good and fast development of enterprises.

Deputy Director Qiu Xingu pointed out that Hangjia's ALC board and other characteristic products are closely related to the development of the entire construction industry. He hopes that Hangjia will continuously improve its product theoretical support system, closely integrate product standards with industry standards, and do a good job in technical practice and industrial chain layout and construction.