Sina Finance: Adhering to the original intention and bravely becoming a green building system integration service provider - Hangjia New Materials Transformation and Development Tour IV


2019-03-19 00:00

       Hangjia needs to develop a manufacturing+service industry and become a green building system integration service provider, which is also a major trend in the industry
The aerated concrete industry has gone through the hardships of starting and the joy of growth, and is currently facing the troubles of being overweight. It requires large enterprises in the industry to take the lead. The planning and development of Hangjia New Materials can play a leading role and serve as an example for the future development of the industry
Recently, at a strategic seminar on the building materials sector of Fuchun Holdings Group, Mr. Zhang Sicheng, Secretary General of China Aerated Concrete Association and industry strategy expert, said about the future development of the group's subsidiary Hangjia New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
       It is rare for a building materials enterprise to receive such high praise from industry experts. So, in recent years, what has Hangjia done in the construction of a "green building system integration service provider"? What are the future development plans?
       According to Mr. Xiong Haidong, Vice President of the company, in fact, Hangjia has conducted many beneficial explorations and practices in this area in recent years. Previously, the company's engineering projects only produced materials and did not provide additional installation services. But in reality, it is "three parts for materials, seven parts for installation". Even if the quality of the boards provided to customers is very good, if the installation technical services are not in place, it will lead to many quality problems, which will seriously affect the application effect of the boards.
       However, some customers and even consumers, due to their lack of understanding of these professional knowledge, often mistakenly believe that the boards provided by the manufacturer have quality issues. This can leave great 'hidden dangers' for the brand building of products, and even bring great passivity. "Xiong Haidong admitted.
In this situation, Hangjia New Materials has followed the trend and innovated its operating model, shifting from manufacturing to a dual industry development model of "manufacturing+service". It has shifted from a single product supply to integrated services such as product supply, installation and maintenance, and has established its own construction team and project management team, while comprehensively strengthening the team's comprehensive service. In this way, Hangjia's products and services have greater stickiness for customers, and customers can directly seek solutions from Hangjia if they have problems.
      The Action Plan for the Promotion and Application of New Wall Materials issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology points out that by 2020, the production of new wall materials will account for 80% of the total wall material production, and the proportion of new wall material application in new buildings will reach 90%. On the other hand, prefabricated building has become a hot topic in the field of architecture and is rising rapidly. All of these indicate that the spring of ALC board has arrived, and it has stood at a new wind outlet.
Industry insiders point out that Hangjia New Materials, as a well-known brand in the field of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly building materials, as well as a integrator of ALC and ACB products, will surely usher in a new dawn in the new industrial pattern and policy environment.
      At present, Hangjia New Materials is closely focusing on the positioning of "green building system integration service provider", promoting the implementation of the "Five Year Plan" strategy, and closely following the new market demand, endowing products with new functions, with a persistent and sincere attitude of striving for excellence for customers, truly improving the quality and level of products and services, and laying a solid foundation for achieving goals.
We must firmly adhere to the direction and goal of Hangjia - a solution provider for building integrated system solutions, and demonstrate the outstanding ability of the enterprise as an integrated system solution provider and provider through sticky core products. "Mr. Zhang Guobiao, Chairman of Fuchun Holdings Group, spoke loudly, allowing us to see a brand new Hangjia coming forward.
       Postscript: The reason why a prominent brand can remain immortal and ambitious is to trace back to the source. In addition to the widespread recognition of product quality by customers, the more important factor is also the transmission of a value that can lead industry progress. While Hangjia New Materials has achieved significant changes and takeoff, it is also continuously conveying positive brand energy to the outside world and leading the development of the industry to a certain extent. I believe that Hangjia New Materials will be able to create a new "Hangjia Development Speed" in the new development period, and inject new era factors and cultural connotations into the product brand.
        (Reported by Sina Finance Channel on March 19, 2019)