Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is no small matter! Sichuan Hangjiakun is making a big article on lean management on small equipment


2020-11-08 00:00

       Introduction: Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is one of the main themes of Hangjia New Materials' current development. In recent years, the company has continuously promoted the work of increasing resources, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency, creating a cultural atmosphere of saving all employees and prioritizing efficiency. Currently, it has achieved certain results and has emerged with some vivid examples. In the later stage, we will gradually explore and publish examples of cost reduction and efficiency improvement. This issue shares a "small" case of Sichuan Hangjiakun's positive cost reduction and efficiency improvement, hoping to bring more inspiration to the cost reduction and efficiency improvement work of enterprises.



      Currently, Sichuan Hangjiakun is actively responding to the company's call to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and integrating it into daily work. One vivid case is that the company made a great article on lean management through a small equipment, which brought beneficial insights to the cost reduction and efficiency enhancement work in the workshop.

       In order to improve the automation level of the production line, in early October this year, Sichuan Hangjiakun decided to innovate and improve the cleaning of the bottom plate of the aerated concrete mold. Due to the traditional manual cleaning method used before the bottom plate cleaning work, not only is the labor cost high, but also the efficiency is low, and it does not meet the relevant requirements of modern production lines. To improve this situation, the company needs to purchase an aerated concrete mold bottom plate cleaning machine. However, considering the high cost of equipment procurement, the company decisively decided to self-made the equipment and quickly established a project team for equipment self-made.

      The project team actively uses their brains and studies diligently, dedicating themselves to the research and production of equipment with the attitude of a skilled craftsman and the spirit of meticulous craftsmanship. After 20 days of hard work, everyone has finally successfully self-made an aerated concrete mold bottom plate cleaning machine (including a dust collector) that embodies their own wisdom, and quickly put it into use in the production line.

      After the equipment was put into use, the smoothness of the bottom plate of the aerated concrete product mold was significantly improved, and the materials such as demolding cloth that had been used before were eliminated. Furthermore, the configuration of two positions was successfully reduced, and the environmental hygiene of the cutting machine area was also improved.

This measure may not seem like a big deal, but it has effectively reduced equipment procurement costs, material production costs, and labor costs, improved work efficiency, and improved the environmental conditions of the workshop. It can bring many inspirations to the cost reduction and efficiency increase work of enterprises.

       Development is an eternal theme, and frugality is the unchanging spirit. Cost reduction and efficiency increase are powerful measures to promote sustainable development of enterprises under the New Normal of economy.

        Li Kekuan, President of Hangjia New Materials, pointed out at the company's team meeting that there is no contradiction between high quality and low cost. Improving quality and reducing costs are both aimed at enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is not a trivial matter, nor is it achieved overnight. It is necessary to persistently cultivate the cultivation of increasing resources, reducing costs, and improving quality and efficiency from a little by little. Any small point in the enterprise value chain can serve as a landing point or even a breakthrough point for cost reduction and efficiency improvement, such as saving paper (double-sided printing, paperless office), saving electricity, and so on.

       We still have many shortcomings in cost reduction and efficiency improvement work, and there is still too much work to be done next. It is necessary to firmly establish the business philosophy of 'high quality, low cost' in major household chores, create a cultural atmosphere of 'calculating before doing, and prioritizing benefits', build a comprehensive cost management system with full participation, full process control, and full factor management, and truly improve the level of enterprise economy, intensive development, and resource allocation and utilization efficiency Rate and form a long-term mechanism, striving to achieve the best quality and minimize costs

      President Li Kekuan requires that while pursuing high quality, we must manage the entire process of increasing revenue and reducing expenses, strictly control the company's production and operating costs and non production and operating expenses, and minimize the cost of raw materials, fixed assets, consumables, and daily management expenses to the greatest extent possible; The delivery and on-site installation of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products should consider costs while continuously improving production efficiency and product quality through technological innovation and other measures.