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People's network: Hangzhou new building materials floating to sea full load 24 hours full production and resumption

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2020/03/23 11:26
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March20,nationalkeynewswebsiteleader——People'sDailyNews Recently,abatchofnewbuildingmaterialsACBblockproductswereshippedofflinefromhangazetongbuildingenergysavingnewmaterialsCo.,Ltd.andexportedtothePh


March 20, national key news website leader——People's Daily News


Recently, a batch of new building materials ACB block products were shipped offline from hangazetong building energy saving new materials Co., Ltd. and exported to the Philippines. This is the first export product of Hangjia new material since it returned to work in the new year.
Xiao Jie, marketing director of Hanga new materials, told reporters that the company has just received two new "foreign orders", one is an AAC board order from Melbourne, Australia, and the other is an AAC board and ACB block order from the Caribbean. This is the first batch of foreign trade orders that the company received after returning to work year later. Other original overseas order business is also in full swing production, and will be selected sub wholesale overseas.
Hanga new material is a large new building material enterprise under Fuchun holding, and it is also the first enterprise in China to promote the application of AAC in civil buildings. Since the resumption of work on February 15, the overall resumption rate of Hangjia new materials has reached more than 90%. The company's production line presents a busy scene. The first-line personnel in the production workshop of aerated concrete products have basically arrived at their posts. At present, the production has been resumed 24 hours a day under full load.
It is very important to restore the construction site and ensure the supply of building materials. More than 80% of hangjiaxincai's projects in Hangzhou's local market have been launched, and the company is stepping up product manufacturing and supply in strict accordance with the requirements. Although the new crown epidemic has a great impact on the building materials business in the whole domestic market, the production and operation of the company has gradually stepped into the normal track with the opening of the resumption of production. At present, important projects have been launched in succession, such as Xuzhou Vanke delta project and Wenzhou Dover green city cuihuli project, etc. "While we are doing a good job in epidemic prevention, we must make full use of our power to catch up with customer orders delayed by the epidemic, and we must get back the lost time," Xiao said (reported by people's network on March 20, 2020, originally published in Hangzhou Daily)

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People's network: Hangzhou new building materials floating to sea full load 24 hours full production and resumption