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2018-02-02 01:51:00
High-profile high-activity environmentally friendly calcium hydroxide research and development success
High specific surface high activity calcium hydroxide is different from traditional micron calcium hydroxide. It is an optimized nano/sub-nanometer inorganic powder with large specific surface area, high porosity and high interface activity. Desulfurization, deacidification and water treatment can significantly improve the absorption or treatment efficiency; it can be used in the preparation of calcium stearate, bleaching powder and various stabilizers to shorten the reaction time and increase the conversion rate; as a chemical additive, metallurgical cosolvent and special Rubber and plastic fillers will also produce good results.
2017-06-02 17:40:00
Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Zhejiang Tianshi New Third Board
Since Zhejiang Tianshi was officially listed in May 2016, the company has performed well and its performance has been remarkable! Stock Code: 837392
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