Technical system of building industrialization

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Technical architecture
Steel structure + PC + ALC multilayer prefabricated house features
1. Uniform materials, less variety specifications, convenient for design, production, transportation, installation and management, which can effectively shorten the construction period
2. Light weight, save foundation cost, earthquake resistance
3. Can be dismantled, high reuse rate after dismantling, environmental protection, meet the requirements of sustainable cycle development
4. Change from site work to factory production → Change from wet work to dry work → Change from high-altitude work to ground work → Reduce on-site personnel requirements and fast construction
Core business and development direction
Provides: new building materials featuring integrated energy-saving, environmental protection, and circular economy, building industry housing integration, integrated services, and overall solutions
Determined to contribute to the development of China's new construction industry
Steel pillar
Steel beam
Steel beam
Reinforced truss floor bearing plate
Steel plate shear wall (ALC fire + insulation)
PC + PU + ALC overall exterior wall panel
PC + ALC Integral Exterior Wall Panel
ALC Exterior Wall Panel
ALC interior wall panel
PC + ALC integral roof panel + asphalt tile
Prefabricated PC stairs
Beam cladding and fire protection
Prefabricated PC components such as air-conditioning panels